Power Concepts NZ Ltd

Power Concepts NZ Ltd (PCNZL)  is an independent power electronics research and development company based in New Zealand, developing leading edge energy technology designed for mobile, off-grid or grid-tied sites.

By incorporating the latest advances in electronic design, power generation and battery technology, PCNZL technology delivers electric power configurations that are smaller, lighter, cheaper and more efficient than those currently available. Product design also focuses on ease of manufacturing.


Marine, RV and off-grid hybrid power system

PCNZL is applying its innovations in inverter and battery technology to develop a hybrid power system for marine, RV and other mobile and off-grid installations.


The PCNZL system integrates its light weight, high efficiency inverter with a LiFePO4 battery controlled by a sophisticated BMS in a flexible modular design. This system when combined with a generator, engine alternators or solar power will offer a light weight, compact, fast charging system suitable for boats, RVs, emergency vehicles and  off-grid homes and offices.

In 2019 PCNZL received assistance from the NZ government, in the form of a Callaghan Innovation project grant, to complete development and testing.   PCNZL expects this technology will be available for purchase in 2020

PCNZL has also developed energy storage and grid interface technology making the system ideal for those currently on grid to make their most of their renewables generation or to run off-grid when needed.